Mark 16:15

And He said to them, "Go into all the world and preach the gospel to all creation." Mark 16:15

Monday, February 7, 2011

Nothing is impossible

As I have told many of you, God is doing so many awesome things in Bangkok! Yes there is a lot of darkness, but there is definitely a light awakening the people. 

Since being here, God has totally opened up a totally new vision of what missions is supposed to look like. Find out what is important to the culture, what they want to be good at/what skill they want to acquire/what they would love to be able to accomplish, and OFFER IT FOR FREE! Just so happens, Thai people want to learn English - I think I can handle that. You won't believe the doors God has opened up for us, and continues to open just because we can speak English.  We are able to go into the biggest University in the World, as well as a few churches, and teach English for free.  People come (some from as far as 2 hours away) to learn english.  Then, we or the church staff, invite them to church.  We have already had 7 people who have never been to church before (they are Buddhist) commit to coming all because they found out about it through English Hour.
PRAY PRAY PRAY that God will use us to reach these people. That He will set up divine appointments and give us favor with these people. Pray that we can be effective with our teaching, so more people will come, and we can build relationships with these people. By showing them the love of Christ, and hopefully becoming friends with these people, we can invite them to church. 

As I am reading through Acts, I am continually reminded that nothing is impossible with God.  When the apostles were arrested and thrown in jail by the Sadducees, God sent an angel in the night and opened the door.  How cool is that?! God will work things out if it is according to His plan and His will for you.  Even if that means sending an angel to open up a jail cell door.

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