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And He said to them, "Go into all the world and preach the gospel to all creation." Mark 16:15

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Thank you

This post is a thank you to anyone who is or has supported me throughout this process with prayer, finances, and support - and thanks to God for giving me such an opportunity!

Thank you Thank you Thank you! to everyone who has supported my decision in coming to Thailand! I cannot express how truly blessed and changed I am because of this opportunity.
To my parents: While initially you may not have been thrilled about me coming to a place, so far away, with political protests breaking out, THANK YOU for your support. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for prayerfully considering this and listening for God's voice saying 'do not fear, I will protect her!' Thank you for everything you sacrificed by sending me here. It has been worth every penny - and every tear (because obviously you have been crying a lot since you miss me so much :)

To the rest of my family: Thank you for sending me messages, letters and skype calls! I really miss you guys - more than I thought was possible.  But it has definitely made it easier being here for so long with all your encouragement. Thank you for all your prayers, God is definitely listening and is doing incredible things here. I miss you and cannot wait to get back and party!!!!!!!!!!!! (Jenna and Brittany's graduation could not have come at a better time - I will get to see everyone within a few days of getting back to the US.)

To all the people who supported me financially: I would not be here without you! I wanted to come so bad, and really felt like God wanted me here, but knew I could not come up with that amount of money on my own. Thank you for your faithfulness to God and for your passion to increase the Kingdom of God! Not only am I thankful, but the Thai people are as well, 5 people have already come to Christ since we've been here and I am expecting God to do many other incredible things.

To my friends: I MISS YOU SO SO SO SO MUCH. I want to be there with you - sometimes I consider using my sky miles to fly home and see you real quick - but I know I can't because I have 2 weddings this summer that I need them for! But I thank you for being the best friends I could ever ask for. For encouraging me spiritually, for challenging me to be a better servant of Christ, and most of all, for being ridiculously fun!  I cannot wait to get back and hang out - I'm sure you guys are together right now doing something fun and picture worthy (Ashley you're all over that) haha. but I love you guys and cannot WAIT TIL THIS SUMMER. Watch out world!

And now - to the One I owe my life - but instead He gives me life, unconditional love, and blessings beyond measure. Thank you. Thank you for saving me from the pits of hell. Instead, You have given me the best life. Word cannot attest to what exactly You are doing in my life, but I will try to testify - only to bring You glory. While I was disobedient, and did not respond to Your call for me to come here, You still worked it out so I could come. When I was unsure of how on earth I would come up with the money to come, You provided the exact amount I needed. And since I've been here, You have surrounded me with Your presence, especially in the times of loneliness. You are stretching me, and bringing to surface the areas I need to improve on to best further Your Kingdom, but You also know that I am tenderhearted and so You are doing it slowly and in a way that I can handle.  You never give me more than I can handle, but just enough to bring me to my knees and realize, I can never handle it alone - but with You, all things are truly possible.
Thank you for giving me the passion for people, to help them develop as a person, the patience to teach, and for my passion to learn! All I have to say is, thank you for knowing me better than I know myself and for having the most incredible plan for my life.

Love you all! 

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